What an amazing first time brothel experience. Guys, she set my nerves and anxiety at ease with her genuine warmth. I felt like she was an old girlfriend and was instantly comfortable sharing even my most intimate thoughts with her. And let me tell you, she looks hot in her pictures but that doesn’t compare to the real deal. She is absolutely stunning. I won’t go into details about our time but let me tell you this, it was something I won’t ever forget. It was that good. If I ever make it back I hope to see her again.


I recently had the pleasure to meet and party with Lexie James. It was a GOOD night. It basically comes down to this: Lexie cares. Lexie cares that you have a good time. She’s intelligent and fun, and just a really sweet, all around nice person. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, from the scintillating conversation to the fantastic sex to the comfortable, easy cuddling.

The bottom line is that if you’re spending it with Lexie, tonight’s gonna be a good night.


I adored Lexie as soon as we started chatting. She was so open, and eager to connect. Visiting the ranches is a great adventure, but it’s anxiety provoking to be intimate with a complete stranger. Lexie’s ability to communicate puts this to rest. She was delighted to chat via Twitter DM before we met and we found many things in common (Go University of Colorado Buffaloes!). It was such a pleasure to head out to meet her as if I were meeting a friend.

Finally meeting in person was terrific. Lexie is smart, and confident, and a great conversationalist over our meal.

Lexie’s web pages reveal her sexual boldness; her interests range from mild to wild. And she is beautiful. Her dark eyes, wavy flowing hair, and flawless tanned skin are exquisite. I’m somewhat timid and I was concerned I might be in over my head with her. I shouldn’t have worried. She’s an expert at reading people and instantly put me at ease – I was the most important person in the world to her during our time together. Her touch was both firm and delicate, moving alternately from forceful and thrilling to tender and caressing. I felt as if I were melting in her hands. And her kisses were soft, and welcoming, and passionate. Being entwined with her was exquisite, and left me relaxed and glowing. If not for my need to head home, I could have stayed for hours. 

Lexie is a kind, gentle, wonderful woman. Open yourself up and trust her, and she will definitely draw the best out of you! 


Lexie is an absolute joy to be with. The first moment I saw her I was smitten. She is beautiful, kind, caring, sexy, easy to talk to, and she has the softest, most luscious lips I have ever felt. Lexie gave me the butterflies in my stomach feeling that I hadn’t felt in years. There was not one moment from beginning to the end of our time together that I didnt enjoy. Trust me when i say you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see her again.


I’ve had the absolute pleasure to know Lexie for the past several years. My experience with Lexie has always exceeded my expectation. Besides being attentive, caring, kind and excellent at her profession, Lexie is definitely one of the nicest, most personable and genuine people I know.  It is easy to highly recommend Lexie! 

-Scott H

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